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Trifecta Blonde 250G Shisha Tobacco

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Apple509 (250G) Jar - Trifecta
BDS (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Bluestrawberry (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Bohemian Mix (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Bonafide (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Coconutginger (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Huckle Berry (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Icedorange Mint (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Mangosmoothie (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Melon Melange (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Moro Zest (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Mountain Fog (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Original Twice The Ice (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Persian Melon (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Pineapple Guava (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Pumpkin Somethin (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Spiced Java (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Tnt (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Twice The Ice X (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Vanilla (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Vertigo (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Bahama Mama (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Cherryberry (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Cucumbermojito (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Lemon Mint (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Mediterranean Mint (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Nawar (250G) Jar - Trifecta
P3 (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Peach Mint (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Pepper Mint Shake (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Raspberry Lemon Roll (250G) Jar - Trifecta
Ruby (250G) Jar - Trifecta

Trifecta Blonde Shisha Tobacco

Trifecta made their way into the hookah tobacco space with their dark leaf, high nicotine and robust flavor blends. In order to cater to the entire hookah market, Trifecta Tobacco needed a lighter tobacco leaf that was on par with other American shisha companies.Thus, Trifecta Blonde was born. Using some of the same delicious flavor recipes and a few new ones, Trifecta created a smooth line of shisha that delivers the same great taste and bowl longevity, without the extra dose of nicotine and dark leaf tobacco undertones.

What is Twice the Ice Trifecta?

You have never smoked a mint flavor like this before. It's so cold on the throat and lungs, it's kind of painful at first. Once acclimated to the extreme mint, it's very refreshing, but don't just come at this flavor with a full on Kirby inhale. You shatter like a frozen T-1000 dipped in liquid nitrogen. If it's not strong enough, Trifecta produces Twice the Ice Extreme. It's so icy, I would equate it to something you dare your buddies to smoke after they had too much to drink!

Trifecta Blonde Shisha Flavor Descriptions

Apple 509 - Green apple + hint of anise. 

ArakBDS - Sweet melon + citrus.   

Blue Strawberry - Blueberry/strawberry candy.   

Bohemian Mix - Clove + cardamom + cinnamon with a dash of vanilla.

BonafideCherry Berry - Cherry candy with subtle hints of blueberry and raspberry. 

Coconut Ginger - Coconut + ginger. 

Cucumber Mojito - Smooth, refreshing cucumber and mint.

Iced Orange Mint - Orange with a strong ice mint.

Lemon Mint - Pure lemon flavor, slightly sweetened with a refreshing mint.

Mango Smoothie - Delicious mango + creamy vanilla. 

Mediterranean Mint - Traditional mint with spearmint and mild cooling.

Melon Melange - Melons, melons, melons! Watermelon, honey dew, and cantaloupe.

Moro Zest - Fresh but tart blood orange. 

Mountain Fog - Sweet lemon-lime, like that bright green dew from the mountains.

Nawar - One of the best floral blends around: rose, lavender, and jasmine.

Original Twice The Ice - The coldest mint your lungs can withstand.

P3 - Sweet and sour rainbow flavored citrus-y candy.

Peach Mint - Sweet peach + mintPeppermint. 

ShakePersian Melon - Cantaloupe, but better than the real thing. 

Pineapple Guava - Tropical explosion of flavors.

Pumpkin Somethin - Pumpkin spice + vanilla. 

Ruby - Unique blend of cherry, berries, and melon with a dash of cinnamon.   

Spiced Java - Robust coffee with a touch of spice.

TNT - Mango, mint, and grapefruit twice the Ice. 

Extreme - "Your tauntaun will freeze before you get to the first marker".

VanillaVertigo - Melon blend with a mint finish.