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Trifecta Dark Leaf Hookah Tobacco 1000G

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Dark BDH -1000G Trifecta Dark Leaf
Dark Blueberry -1000G Trifecta Dark Leaf
Dark DeathByIce -1000G Trifecta Dark Leaf
dark earlgrey -1000G Trifecta Dark Leaf
Dark Enigma -1000G Trifecta Dark Leaf
Dark HipsterMint -1000G Trifecta Dark Leaf
Dark LavenderMint -1000G Trifecta Dark Leaf
dark lychee -1000G Trifecta Dark Leaf
Dark MorningGlory -1000G Trifecta Dark Leaf
Dark NaturalOrder -1000G Trifecta Dark Leaf
dark orangesevillecoffee -1000G Trifecta Dark Leaf
Dark Pearfect -1000G Trifecta Dark Leaf
Dark Peppermintshake -1000G Trifecta Dark Leaf
Dark Pineapple -1000G Trifecta Dark Leaf
Dark Spumoni -1000G Trifecta Dark Leaf
Dark Tabletop -1000G Trifecta Dark Leaf
dark venturapeach- 1000G Trifecta Dark Leaf
dark coolCinnamon Gum -1000G Trifecta Dark Leaf
Dark DurtyMint -1000G Trifecta Dark Leaf
Dark PulpFriction -1000G Trifecta Dark Leaf

Trifecta Dark Blend Shisha Tobacco

This new line of shisha is a boutique brand with very high quality shisha. Selling Trifecta is like carrying a micro brewery beer in your store. Their unique flavors and high quality give them a higher value than the large scale commercial shisha brands. This shisha is available in both a blonde leaf (lighter tobacco) and a dark leaf (robust, higher nicotine tobacco) blend. The flavors seen here are from their Dark Leaf line, which will have a noticeably higher nicotine content when smoked, compared to the blonde line, or any other modern shisha, such as Starbuzz or Fantasia.

Is Death by Ice for Real?

Simply, yes. No, we haven't had any fatalities, but that's because we are still chiseling ice off their bodies to see if these fanatical hookah smokers are still alive. All kidding aside, you have probably never smoked any kind of mint flavor with an intense, ice-cold sensation like this ever before. So, you think you're tough? Go ahead and take a full on rip, and let us know how that turns out!

Trifecta Dark Shisha Flavor Descriptions

Apple Pie - Green apples with cinnamon and other spices.

BDH - We don't know what it stands for, but it's a Melon blend with a little peach.

BlueberryCool Cinnamon Gum - A sweet cinnamon mint mix Cherry Plum Concord Grape.

Death by Ice - Peppermint mixed with COLD, COLD, COLD menthol.

Deja Dew - Lemon lime mix, like that intense green soda. 

Durty Mint - Sweet and strong peppermint. 

Earl GreyEnigma - Berries with notes of herbs like Basil and other spices.   

Hipster Mint - An earthy mint leaf with a sweet finish.

Indian Kheer - Cardamom + cinnamon + cream + pistachio.   

Lavender Mint - A lightly floral mint.   

Lime Lychee - Sweet fruit.   

Manzanas - Bold apple mix.   

Morning Glory - Dark coffee with a little sweet cream.   

Natural Order - Orange Seville. 

Coffee - Rich coffee with bright notes of sweet orange.   

Pearfect - Pear with spice.   

Pineapple Pulp Friction - Bright, sweet orange.   

Raspberry Spumoni - Amaretto cherry with a dash of pistachio and vanilla.   

The Twist - A mix of citrus mint and melons.

TKO - Chocolate Hazelnut, like that awesome spread you tried in Europe that time.

True Grape - Classic white grape, crisp and mildly sweet.   

Ventura Peach - Peach blend.