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Starbuzz Base

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Black Premium Starbuzz Base - Starbuzz
Blue Premium Starbuzz Base - Starbuzz
Bright Lime Green Mini Starbuzz Base - Starbuzz
Bubble Gum Pink Mini Starbuzz Base - Starbuzz
Carbine Starbuzz Base - Starbuzz
Green Premium Starbuzz Base - Starbuzz
Jet Black Mini Starbuzz base - Starbuzz
Marsala Red Mini Starbuzz Base - Starbuzz
Red Premium Starbuzz Base - Starbuzz
Ultramarine Mini Starbuzz Base - Starbuzz
Vibrant Orange Mini Starbuzz Base - Starbuzz

Starbuzz Replacement Hookah Bases

Starbuzz has created a variety of different hookahs over the years, so it only makes sense that they would also make a variety of different bases as well! Made from high-quality glass, each base features its own unique design that are designed to work with Starbuzz hookahs. Just remember, different models of Starbuzz hookahs require a different style of replacement base, so pay extra attention to the following dimensions when ordering.

Premium Starbuzz Hookah Base Dimensions

Neck Opening: 1 7/8 inches

Height: 11 1/2 inches

Starbuzz Carbine Hookah Base Dimensions

Neck Opening: 3 1/4"

Height: 7 3/4 inches

Note: Starbuzz Carbine bases are only compatible with Starbuzz Carbine hookahs

Starbuzz Mini Hookah Base Dimensions

Neck Opening: 2 inches

Height: 9 inches

Note: Starbuzz Mini bases are threaded and are only compatible with Starbuzz Mini hookahs