Hookafina 100g Tins

Hookafina 100g Tins

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Hookafina Shisha Tobacco 100g Tin

Hookafina is great! It is made of French tobacco in the US with flavorings from all around the globe. It has a juicy and smooth nature so it will produce some great crowds for the customers. Most retailers stock up on multiple flavors to sell to first time customers before committing to a 250 gram size. The 100 grams come in a unique and appealing tubular tin.

Hookafina Tobacco Flavor Descriptions

  • Apricot - A delicious apricot flavor tasting very similar to the fruit.
  • Bahama Mama - Fresh and similar to the cocktail with pineapple being the more prominent flavor that you will get. 
  • Blackberry - A blackberry flavor that is sharp, sweet and consistent.
  • Blackberry Peach - A pleasant combination of sharp blackberry and sweet peach that smokes amazing and taste great.
  • Blueberry - A true to the name delightful blueberry flavor.
  • Blueberry Lemonade - A light blueberry flavor with the sourness of lemonade. Great for the summer time.
  • Blueberry Mint - A sweet blueberry flavor with a fresh and cool mint exhale.
  • Cantaloupe - A refreshingly sweet and crisp cantaloupe flavor.
  • Chai Latte - A delectable spiced chai and latte flavor similar to something you would find in pumpkin flavors during the fall season. 
  • Cherry - classic tart cherry flavor with amazing clouds for an amazing smoke session.
  • Chocolate - A melty chocolate flavor that is not overpowering.
  • Chocomint - A creamier chocolate flavor with mint undertone. 
  • Citrusberry - A juicy combination of sweet and citrus. Nice clouds that create a great session to unwind to.
  • Citrusmint - A perky delicious mixture of citrus mint that will have you wanting more and more.
  • Coco Loco - A refreshing coconut flavor with hints of lime. 
  • Coconut - A lush and crisp coconut flavor. Great for a smoke session outside.
  • Cucumber Lemonade - A sweet lemonade flavor with lightly crisp cucumber undertones
  • Currant - A magical blend of berry, currant wine, and floral flavors made to give large clouds
  • Deja vu - A Mysterious berry flavor that is very delectable. 
  • Doubleapple - A great take on the original flavor that is heavier on the apple and lighter on the liquorice taste.
  • Dragonfruit - A light fruity flavor close to melon, but not quite. A great mixer with other fruit flavors.
  • Electriclotus - A mild lemon and floral flavor that has a lot of juice for an amazing amount of smoke
  • Freshmint - A great classic mint flavor that gives a icy exhale. Great for mixing with almost any flavor.
  • Frostberry - An amazing blueberry taste at first with a cooling exhale of mint. Large clouds for an awesome session. 
  • Ginger Lemonade - A candied ginger flavor with sweet lemonade
  • Grapefrui tmint - A delectable sweet and sharp flavor with an icy exhale. A great mixer for sweet and citrus flavors.
  • Grape Mint - A light grape flavor with mint undertones. The grape is barely noticeable, but the clouds are very apparent
  • Grenadine - A sharp and sweet flavor just like the syrup for cocktails. The base for this flavor is pomegranate so it is a greaty fruity mixer. 
  • Guava - A sour and sweet flavor that isn't so tart. Mixes great with citrus flavors
  • Kozmo - A fine wine based shisha flavor that is sweet. This flavor is on the juicy side that makes for huge clouds.
  • Lemon - A bright and crisp lemon flavor. It's tang and zest are great for making tropical mixes. 
  • Limeonada - A sweet and tangy citrus flavor more reminiscent of a limeade. 
  • Mango - A classic and crisp mango flavor that is true to the name. Great for tropical mixes and big clouds.
  • Mojito - A refreshing lime flavor with a cooling and minty exhale
  • Orange - A zesty crisp orange flavor that is very true to it's name. It's juiciness makes for a good smoke session with large clouds.
  • Peach - A juicy natural peach flavor. Great mixer for other fruity flavors.
  • Peach Fuzzy Navel - A great peach flavor similar to the drink.
  • Peppermint - A sweet and delicious peppermint flavor. Mixes great with vanilla flavors.
  • Peppermint Lemonade - A strong peppermint flavor mixed with a sweet and sour lemonade taste.
  • Pineapple - An amazing and very spot on pineapple flavor. One of the best out there. The cloud output is just great.
  • Pinkberry - A sweet grapefruit flavor with hints of berries. Great clouds for a great smoke session.
  • Pinkgrapefruit - A sweeter grapefruit that also has some sour undertones. 
  • Raspberry - A lucious and crisp raspbery flavor. Perfect for the berry lover in your group.
  • Red Delicious - A delicious and sweet red apple flavor. There are also hints of red apple peels in this one.
  • Ruby Rush - A crisp sweet flavor that has some tang to it. Has a citrus red grapefruit feel to it and produces some amazing clouds.
  • Strawberry - A classic and refreshing strawberry flavor that is delightful. Great for mixing with mind or other fruity or sweet flavors.  
  • Strawberry Margarita - A pleasant and luscious strawberry margarita flavor with massive cloud output
  • Sweet Nectarine - An amazing and sweet nectarine flavor that mixes well with orange flavors. 
  • Twilight - A sweet and mellow mixed fruit flavor. 
  • Vanilla - A classic vanilla flavor great for mixing
  • Vanilla ice - That classic vanilla flavor mixed with mint for a cool exhale
  • Vegas Love - A luscious flavor with some tang to it 
  • Watermelon - A classic watermelon with a tons of flavor
  • White Grape - A succulent white grape flavor
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