New Shisha Brands You Should Be Carrying in 2017

what are you doing to keep things interesting and bring your customers something new and exciting...

Like every Market out there, the Hookah industry is ever evolving and growing.   People will always love the pillars of shisha. Al Fakher, Starbuzz, Nakhla, and such, but what are you doing to keep things interesting and bring your customers something new and exciting!

It's time to set yourself apart from the rest.

Here are some brands that will inject new life into your shop or lounge and make your customers fall in love all over again!

 Ugly Shisha Tobacco

Beautiful Packaging that customers can't resist. Ugly backs it up with fantastic, bold flavors. From their sweet spin on Double Apple(Apple Apple) to the cult classic Orange Keef.

Ugly Hookah Shisha 250g Super Pack


Trifecta Tobacco

Craft Shisha you say? Absolutely. Trifecta Tobacco takes the purist view and prepares all their shisha in small batches to ensure the highest quality experience. 

Whether you enjoy the light smooth smoke from their Blonde line, or the Rich, Heavy clouds the Dark Leaf line offers. Trifecta has something for everyone

Trifecta Blonde Shisha Tobacco 250g Super PackTrifecta Dark Leaf 250g Super Pack


 Nirvana Super Shisha

Although not exactly new to 2017, Nirvana Super Shisha deserves to be on this list. Recently revamped and updated packaging, Nirvana has also just released a plethora of new flavors! Unique flavors including milk done 3 ways, as well as their Punish flavors that pack that cool mint rush we all love.

Nirvana Super Shisha Tobacco 100g Super Pack

 Zomo Hookah Tobacco

The newest member of this list.  The hottest selling shisha in South America is now available to everyone!  Explore your Hookah senses with their World Experience line, or enjoy the richness of their heavier Strong line.


  Now it's time to enjoy the joy of being the hero that brought these amazing new Brands to your customers!