Live Stream Hookah Auctions from Hookah Wholesalers

Our next auction goes live November 8th at 4:30pm central time!


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Highlights from our September Live Stream Hookah Auction

What is the Live Stream Hookah Auction and How Does It Work?

Every few months, we build up a pile of discontinued products, overstocked items, customer returns or maybe some scratch and dent items that are fully functional but we can't sell as "new and pristine." So instead of letting these perfectly good products accumulate in the warehouse, we liquidate them to our customers who want great deals on all kinds of hookah products. In order to send them out to their now homes, we create a Facebook Live stream, where we display and explain the items and then take bids through the comments. As long as you have a Hookah Wholesalers account, you can join in on the fun and pick up some amazing deals while your at it.  Then if the bidding gets too out of control, we like throw "sweetners" in the mix and we can add extra products and goodies with each lot.  You just never know what you can win.  

But wait, there's more

Everyone who attends the auction gets a $20 credit to apply to their entire auction purchase if your total invoice totals $200 or more.  After the auction, we add up all of the items each customer purchased and will email an invoice. The orders ship out over the next couple days and you will receive your loot and you just might get extra free samples or bonus products that we like to throw in.  Why not? This auction is so much fun, we hate to see it end?


Items on the Auction Block Nov. 8th:

  • Dozens of Khalil Mamoon Hookahs
  • Dozens of Nammor Hookahs
  • Starbuzz Caribines
  • Glass Hookahs
  • KM Hookah Stems
  • Cases of Titanium, Coco Brico and other Hookah Charcoals
  • Bundles of Hookah Hoses
  • Bundles of Hookah Bowls
  •  Miscellaneous Returns and Scratch & dent hookahs and accessories

and much more!

How to get a seat and join in the fun

We will live stream the auction via Facebook live, YouTube live or maybe even both...if we can figure that out. Like our Facebook and subscribe to our Youtube channel so that you are able to comment on the live stream to submit your bids and confirm your purchases. You need a valid Hookah Wholesalers account to participate, so please set up your account now if you have not. Otherwise, we can try to set you up during the auction if you have your Tax ID number and a business address.

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Rules of the Auction

  1. You must be a hookah business, and have a valid Hookah Wholesalers Account.
  2. All bids are binding, do not bid if you do not want to buy.
  3. All sales are final.
  4. These items are sold as is.
  5. Any damage in shipping will be credited at the auction price.
  6. *$20 credit will be applied to auction purchasers with an invoice total over $200



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