Stop Using Incense coals - Check out Ignite Instant light charcoal for the best quicklight experience!

Stop Using Incense coals - Check out Ignite Instant light charcoal for the best quicklight experience!

Are you still stuck in the past using incense coals on your Hookah? Is it time to switch to a true Hookah coal? Ignite has you covered...

In the early days of Hookah, the options for charcoal were extremely limited. Lump Lemon wood charcoal was really the only option for smoking Hookah. Many people turned to incense coals like Three Kings as they found they worked pretty decent with Hookah as well, but there was still not much specifically made for Hookah.

That is when Ignite was born, formulated by Hookah smokers, for Hookah. Gone are the days where we have to repurpose incense coals to use on a Hookah. Now there are hundreds of different Hookah coal choices on the market, and to this day, Ignite stands as one of the best quick start coals out there.

What makes Ignite Instant Charcoal Better?

For starters, they are a coal made specifically for Hookah smoking, your customers at least deserve that much. Second is longevity, since they were designed with hookah in mind, they are formulated to last longer than your typical incense coal. Another huge advantage to Ignite is the price point! Once again, because these coals were made with Hookah smokers in mind, Ignite knows you will be using a lot more, and more frequently than you would use your Three Kings Incense coals. Knowing this, they have made sure to keep the cost as minimal as possible. Not only will you be able to provide your customers a TRUE HOOKAH COAL, you will be able to do so at much less cost than a repurposed coal. You win, your customers win, whats not to love?

Check out our video breakdown to see Ignite Quicklight Charcoal in action! 

Ignite Coals come in 2 different sizes, the 33mm, and 40mm. The 33mm will work best with smaller bowls, like a Mya clay bowl, or Mod bowl. The 40mm are going to work best with your normal sized Egyptian bowls, and even some larger bowls. 


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In summary, we did what we had to do in order to enjoy this hobby, but now with so many great coals out there, you and your customers shouldn't settle for a non hookah charcoal. Save yourself some money and provide your customers with a tailor made Hookah experience.