The Top 20 Best Selling Azure Shisha Tobacco Flavors - Gold Line

The Top 20 Best Selling Azure Shisha Tobacco Flavors - Gold Line

Azure Tobacco has one of the most diverse flavor lists of any shisha out there. This brand of hookah tobacco is surging in popularity, so we list the top selling flavors. The best selling flavor is...

Azure Tobacco has been a growing segment of the shisha market for a few years now. They started with a few unique flavors and have expanded their range to be one of the most exotic and exclusive flavor lineups in the industry. As their flavor list has grown, so has their fan base of loyal consumers. Hookah smokers have warmed up to Azure’s rich flavor and just about everyone who tries it wants to try another and another to experience a wide variety of flavors.

We are starting to see Azure pop up in both hookah lounges and retailers across the country as proprietors look for ways to differentiate themselves from the pack by offering something new. Azure shisha tobacco has two lines to choose from, and today we are talking about Azure Gold, their lighter line of sweet Virginia gold leaf tobacco that is easy to load, full of flavor and available in 100g, 250g, and 1000g resealable pouches.

Azure shisha tobacco pouchesAzure shisha tobacco pouches

These flavor rankings were updated on May 8, 2023 based on our sales data

The Top 20 Best Selling Azure Gold Flavors in 100 Grams

  1. Lychee
  2. Lemongrass
  3. Mexi Cola
  4. Lime
  5. Alaskan Ice
  6. Apple Cider
  7. Chocolate Cake
  8. Matcha Mint
  9. Cinnamon Cookies
  10. Royal Mango
  11. Chai Masala
  12. Berry Mania
  13. Royal Raspberry
  14. Grow A Pear
  15. Dubai Apple
  16. Royal Queen
  17. Cosmos
  18. Winter Rose
  19. Blueberry Muffin
  20. Carolina Peach

The 20 Best Selling Azure Gold Flavors in 250 Grams

  1. Lychee
  2. Lemongrass
  3. Mexi Cola
  4. Alaskan Ice
  5. Winter Rose
  6. Royal Queen
  7. Lime
  8. Chai Masala
  9. Cinnamon Cookies
  10. Cool Cucumber
  11. Royal Raspberry
  12. Chocolate Cake
  13. Grow A Pear
  14. Berry Mania
  15. Baristas Choice
  16. Royal Mango
  17. Carolina Peach
  18. Winter Peach
  19. Matcha Mint
  20. Bluerberry Muffin

The Top 10 Best Selling Azure Gold Flavors in 1000 Grams

  1. Lychee
  2. Strawberry Passion
  3. Winter Rose
  4. Cinnamon Cookies
  5. Lemon Muffin
  6. Unicorn
  7. Apple Cider
  8. Cool Cucumber
  9. Grow A Pear
  10. Royal Mango

Have you tried Azure shisha in your store or lounge or personally?  What are your favorite flavors of Azure?  Let us know in the comments below.