Hookah Flavor Review- Trifecta TNT Shisha Tobacco

Hookah Flavor Review- Trifecta TNT Shisha Tobacco

Want to bring something high end, new and fresh to your lounge or store? Check out Trifecta Tobacco TNT...

 TNT, the perfect Trifecta flavor for Lounges or Retailers 


We LOVE Trifecta Tobacco here in the office, personally I can't get enough of so many different flavors they have out. One of my absolute favorites is TNT. I remember Trifecta was kind enough to attend the grand opening of my Hookah Lounge years ago, and brought TNT for everyone! Our customers could not get enough and neither could I.

So what is this epic explosion of flavor called TNT?  It is a perfect blend of Mango, Grapefruit, and just the right amount of Mint.  The Mango gives it the sweet juicy tropical base. The addition of Grapefruit helps balance the sweet flavor with some tart, citrus notes that brighten everything. Everything is better with Mint, and TNT is no different, it has the perfect amount of mint to keep the blend fresh and cool without overpowering the Mango and Grapefruit. This flavor has got it all!

TNT is in the blonde line for Trifecta which means it is low nicotine, easy to load and manage the heat so even beginner hookah smokers can enjoy it.  

You can buy Trifecta TNT and check out all their amazing wholesale Trifecta shisha tobacco flavors here! 

If your lounge is anything like mine, half your customers order "Fruity Minty" and TNT is a dynamite flavor for them all.  This flavor is a MUST for any lounge or Retail store. If you are looking to introduce a new high end brand of tobacco that will blow your customers minds. TNT is the one!

We look forward to helping you with all your wholesale Trifecta needs.

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