What is your time worth

What is your time worth

You put your time, effort, and sweat into opening your business but you still find yourself running around like crazy trying to keep up. What if I told you there was an easier way...
  •    You put all the time, effort, and financial risk into opening up your business yet you still are running around buying your hookah supplies at the local cash and carry. Every week you have to take the inventory, drive to the warehouse and load up on whatever products they have in stock at the time. Your work isn't over there though because when tax time comes around you get to organize and figure out how to properly file all of your tobacco and excise taxes. At this point you deserve an extra paycheck just for all the time and energy this has taken.

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  •  What if I told you there is a way to save you from all of that extra work?

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  •    Someone to handle all those taxes for you and have your hookah products delivered to your door. As well as being hookah enthusiasts, many of us here have been in your shoes, we have owned lounges and smoke shops. We understand how valuable your time is but do you? While you still might have to bag your own groceries at the supermarket we can take care of the extra work load when it comes to your hookah needs. Let us do whatever it takes to be your next great business decision.