Pharaoh’s Hookahs – Profit Powerhouses

Pharaoh’s Hookahs – Profit Powerhouses

Pharaohs Hookahs have been the fastest growing Hookah brand we have seen over the last 2 years...

If you haven’t been buying Pharaoh’s hookahs you are missing out on the single fastest selling brand we’ve ever carried. This product is the real deal in terms of design, quality, and function.  However, that is what your customers love. Let me tell you why YOU will love Pharaoh’s.    


These things make money! Once you see these in person you will immediately see why these hookahs draw such a large profit margin. Pharaoh’s are the highest quality hookahs I’ve seen in this low price range.  

  • The glass is heavy and beautifully crafted  
  • Most of the hookahs are threaded so no grommet headaches 
  • They all can be kitted for multi-hose use (up to four hoses!) with an additional hose adapter.   
  • The modern design sets these apart from any other hookah on the market


With so many perks it’s more difficult to keep in stock than to sell. If you’ve been selling the same hookahs for years and getting the same results I urge you to shake things up you will not regret the extra cash. 



Top Selling Pharoahs Hookah Models 


Pharoahs Pyramid



Pharoahs Sari 



Pharoahs Nubia


Pharoahs Sheba 

Pharaohs Aztec


Pharoahs Oasis