The Best Shisha Flavors - Starbuzz, Fumari, Al Fakher, Fantasia, Romman

As wholesalers, we are aware of the most popular shisha brands, like Starbuzz, Fumari, Al Fakher, Fantasia, and Romman...

As wholesalers, we are aware of the most popular shisha brands, like StarbuzzFumariAl FakherFantasia, and Romman. From your customer's purchases, you probably have a good idea of what their top flavors are. Just to make every one feel at ease, we combed our sales reports, and looked at a lot of web searches to assemble a list of the current most popular shisha flavors from these five perennial shisha tobacco companies. It's never cut and dry, so we've included a top flavor, followed by two runner-ups for each brand. You can rest assured that all these flavors are worth stocking. Give us a call, we're happy to let you know what flavors our other customers are ordering!


Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco Most Popular Flavors

1. Blue Mist - hands down, the most popular shisha flavor Starbuzz has ever produced. The perfect combination of blueberry and "mist", which is Starbuzz' signature tingly mint aftertaste.

Honorable Mention:
2. Pirate's Cave -  candy lemon-lime, in the vein of Skittles or Mountain Dew.
3. Sex on the Beach - citrus blend reminiscent of its cocktail namesake.

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The Most Popular Fumari Shisha Flavors


This was a little more debatable. Our records show:

1. Fumari White Gummi Bear being the top dog (bear)

But among the chat rooms it seemed:

2. Spiced Chai was the most popular. 

3. Fumari Ambrosia is also very popular, and one of our personal favorites. 

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The Most Popular Al Fakher Shisha Flavors

1. Al Fakher Mint is not only the most popular Al Fakher shisha flavor, it is probably the most popular mint shisha flavor in the world.

2. Al Fakher Double Apple - pretty much has the number two spot tied up because it's smoked world wide.

3.  Blueberry Mint -  A balanced blend of sweet blueberries with cooling mint.

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The Most Popular Fantasia Shisha Flavors

Fantasia shisha has some of the most die hard fans around. Picking a number one flavor for them is almost impossible because all the following flavors got a number one, just for different sizes. so we're going to give a 3-way tie to the following for best Fantasia shisha flavor:

1. Rainbow Burst (Rainbow candy/Fruity Pebbles)

2. Ice Mint (Cold Minty-ness)

3. Adios Mofo (pineapple?; blueberry?; blue raspberry?; complex, but definitely sweet).

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The Most Popular Romman Shisha Flavors

We're not just playing favorites here. Romman shisha is widely popular, and for those who smoke regularly, seen as some of the finest shisha tobacco out there. The most popular Romman flavor by our sales rank is:

1. Ivory Coast - Intense Grapefruit, citrus with a touch of pineapple

2. Good Times - Fruity Citrus Mint blend

3. Turkish Coffee - A savory toasted caramel and coffee blend that we can't stop smoking!

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