New Starbuzz Flavors of 2016 - Regular, Bold and Vintage

Starbuzz might be the biggest and most successful brand of modern American shisha on the market. &nb...

Starbuzz might be the biggest and most successful brand of modern American shisha on the market.  They have an almost overwhelming flavor menu, they make vapor products, hookahs, accessories and lots of other products too.  As their catalog continues to expand, it can be hard to keep up with all the new releases, so here is quick review of all the new flavors from Starbuzz in 2016.  We broke them down by line, such as Bold, Vintage, Silver...etc, to keep it organized.  

If you have not tried these flavors in your store or lounge, you could be treading dangerous waters.  Your loyal repeat customers may be searching for these new blends and once they find them they might never come back. Don't let that happen to you!

New Regular Starbuzz Flavors of 2016

Regular Starbuzz Shisha in the silver can started the modern shisha revolution. This line is approaching 100 flavors fast, but if you ever need to see the best sellers, we have the short list to keep you stocked with what's hot.

Turkish Apple - Sweet Apple with light anis and other Turkish spice notes..It's like Double Apple but sweeter and milder...and better.

Egyptian Pharos - An enigmatic spice blend of vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, and lots of other secret ingredients.


New Starbuzz Bold Flavors of 2016

It wasn't long after the huge success of Starbuzz hookah tobacco almost a decade ago, that Starbuzz introduced Starbuzz Bold.  The flavors are more intense and the clouds are thick as the girls in Hot-lanta. If you want to know what's been selling the fastest, this list has the fastest selling Starbuzz Bold mixes.

White Bear - You know that pineapple-y, citrus-y, chewy bear candy?  Yeah, this is it!

Jack the Ripper - We think it's somewhere between purple grape and cherry limeade with the patented "mist" additive.

Dibs on Ashley - We could be way off, but we could only come up with a blend of something like grape, mint and double apple.

Brownie - We thought it was more like brownie batter. After a rough week, you may you end up smoking the whole thing in the middle of the night...Don't worry, we wont judge you.


New Starbuzz Vintage Flavors of 2016

Starbuzz wanted something distinct from all other hookah tobacco.  Instead of sweet candy with low nicotine, they focused on heavy, rich flavors with lots of spice elements and used a dark leaf cigar tobacco blend to add extra layers of earthy tobacco flavor tones.  Starbuzz Vintage was born and all the experienced hookah enthusiasts who have been wanting more tobacco and complexity in their flavors love this stuff! 

Starbuzz Vintage Shisha 200g Tins

Columbian Spice - Dark roasted coffee

Dark Carribean - Tropical fruit and citrus blend

Delhi Tea - Black tea, coconut milk and Indian spices

Morning Breeze - Breafast tea blend with lemon, honey and spices

Shanghai Passion - Cardamom, honey, ginger, cinnamon, mint and other spices

Tokyo Spice - Sweet pineapple and lime cocktail

Spice Me Red - Red berries and a dash of spices for added complexity