The Best Selling Social Smoke Hookah Tobacco Flavors

Social Smoke tobacco has been on the market for years, but we have seen a huge surge in popularity in the last 12 months. The exotic flavor profiles are unique and the flavor names and packaging give this brand a unique presentation.  Social smoke is available in 50g, 100g, 250g, and even Kilos, which makes it great for retailers or hookah lounges of any size to put Social Smoke on the menu.  

We pulled the data from our sales reports to give you an idea of where to start with Socials Smoke when you decide to bring the brand into your store or feature it in your hookah bar. Here are the top 20 lists of the best selling Social Smoke flavors in all sizes as of August 2018. If you are looking for wholesale Social Smoke for your business, this flavor guide is a fool proof list to start with.


Top 20 Best Selling Social Smoke 100g Flavors

1. Watermelon Chill

2. Absolute Zero

3. Blue Raspberry

4. Pear Chill

5. White Gummy Bear

6. Pink Lemonade

7. Mint

8. Baja Blue

9. Twisted

10. Cantaloupe Chill

11. Passionfruit Mojito

12. Cali Peach

13. Pistachio Breeze

14. Tigers Blood

15. Grape Chill

16. Lemon Drop

17. Arctic Lemon

18. Wildberry Chill

19. Strawberry Kiwi

20. Voltage

Top 20 Best Selling Social Smoke 250g Tins 

1. Watermelon Chill

2. Absolute Zero

3. Pink Lemonade 

4. Cantaloupe Chill

5. Twisted

6. Pear Chill

7. Blue Raspberry

8. White Gummy Bear

9. Lemon Chill

10. Golden Delicious Apple

11. Cali Peach

12. Citrus Chill

13. Wildberry Chill

14. Tigers Blood

15. Lemon Drop

16. Passion Fruit Mojito

17. Baja Blue

18. Mint

19. Watermelon

20. Japanese Yuzu




Top 20 Best Selling 1000g

1. Watermelon Chill

2. Absolute Zero

3. Lemon Chill

4. Pink Lemonade

5. Twisted

6. Pear Chill

7. Blue Raspberry

8. Pistachio Breeze

9. Baja Blue

10. Cali Peach

11. Hong Kong Milk Tea

12. Dulce de Leche

13. Voltage

14. Japanese Yuzu

15. Mint

16. Wildberry Chill

17. White Gummy Bear

18. Arctic Lemon

19. Tigers Blood

20. Sex Panther


Other Staff Favorite Social Smoke Blends:

Pear Chill (It's listed above, but its our aboslute favorite)

CaliPeach (Deep peach flavor we love mixing with Mango Habanero)

Cinnamint (Spicy minty cinnamon)

Horchata Cajeta (Sweet cream, caramel and cinnamon)

Mango Habanero (sweet and tart mango with a solid dose of spicy peppers)



We're happy to answer any questions you may have about Social Smoke Tobacco or any of their flavors so please don't hesitate to contact us or leave comments below!


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