Top 20 Best Selling Flavors of Trifecta Blonde Leaf Shisha Tobacco
Top 20 Best Selling Flavors of Trifecta Blonde Leaf Shisha Tobacco
Trifecta is a high quality, boutique shisha brand with robust flavors that stand up to long sessions. Trifecta Blonde Leaf has a moderate nicotine level that is a bit higher than other American blonde leaf shisha brands, so you get big clouds, and rich flavor with a satisfying mouth feel and smoke texture. This top 20 countdown can help you try the best of the best...

Trifecta Blonde Leaf Tobacco Best Sellers by Size and Flavor

Trifecta is a small batch, boutique brand of hookah tobacco that has been steadily growing in popularity for a few years. They have become so popular now, that they are no longer able to fly under the radar, and hookah lounges and retailers everywhere are getting requests for their top selling flavors.  Trifecta uses premium tobacco leaves and high quality flavoring to create this amazing brand of shisha tobacco right here in the USA. Trifecta Blonde Leaf uses a lighter tobacco with less nicotine for a super smooth, richly flavored shisha smoke.  The flavor longevity is off the charts and the blends are unique an unavailable anywhere else. Plus, if you love strong mint flavors, Trifecta has some of the best mint blends and pure, ice cold mint concoctions that you just gotta smoke to believe!

These flavor rankings were updated on November 4th, 2020 based on our sales data.


Top 20 Best Selling 250g Tubs


1. Twice the Ice X (Extreme) - Extremely cold, ice cold, menthol-ly mint 

2. Pineapple Guava

3. Peppermint Shake - Cold peppermint with a cool vanilla cream

4. Original Twice the Ice - Super cold minty menthol

5. Mountain Fog - Citrus energy drink....Dew the fog

6. Blue Strawberry - Strawberry with an extra rich "blue" flavor

7. Peach Mint

8. Iced Orange Mint - Citrus-y orange zest with cold mint

9. Nawar - A floral blend of rose and jasmine

10. Vertigo - Melon blend with a dash of mint

11. Mango Smoothie

12. Mediterranean Mint - An herbaceous mint flavor without the icy-ness

13. P3 - Mix of sweet rainbow and burst-y chewy candy

14. CherryBerry - A mix of Cherries and berries

15. Lemon Mint

16. BDS - Melon, Peach and fruits

17. Cucumber Mojito - Refreshing cucumber with a splash of lime and mint

18. Ruby - Mix of cherries, red berries and melon

19. TNT - Grapefruit, mango and touch of mint

20. Melon Melange - A mix of Melon and fruit


Top 10 Best Selling Kilos


1. Twice the Ice X - Extremely cold, ice cold, menthol-ly mint

2. Peppermint Shake - Intensely cold peppermint with a cool vanilla cream

3. Original Twice the Ice - cold, ice cold, menthol-ly mint

4. Pineapple Guava

5. Cucumber Mojito - Fresh cucumber with a hint of lime and cool mint

6. Mountain Fog - Citrus energy drink....Dew the fog 

7. TNT - Grapefruit, mango and touch of mint

8. Melon Melange - A mix of Melon-y fruit

9. Lime

10. Mediterranean Mint



Since Trifecta's Blonde Leaf Shisha is so popular in 250g and Trifecta Kilos, we hope these lists help you order with confidence.  If  you ever want our personal favorites, please contact us by phone or online chat for suggestions. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about Trifecta or any of their flavors so please don't hesitate to contact us or leave comments below!