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The Best Selling Nirvana Super Shisha Tobacco Flavors

Nirvana Super Shisha combines the smooth sweet flavors of hookah tobacco with dokha, UBER high nicotine tobacco leaf tips. This brand of shisha packs a serious punch. Customers love the buzz factor and the flavor names are just as intense! We included flavor descriptions to help you navigate the chaos. Nirvana is available in 100g pouches as well as Kilos for hookah lounges. 

These flavor rankings were updated on June 30th, 2020 based on our sales data.

Top 15 Best Selling Nirvana 100g Pouches

1. Skull Control (Passion fruit mojito)

2. Sex Monkey (Melon, blueberry with a touch of mint)

3. Head Rush (Cranberry and Pineapple)

4. PunishMint (Nirvana's original mint)

5. Schnozzberries (Mixed berries)

6. WTF Alice (Rose, Jasmine, Vanilla & Mint)

7. Telephone Milk (Rich Creme)

8. Lemon Beach Party (Sweet and sour lemon lime)

9. Citrus OD (Citrus Blend)

10. Poultry In Motion (Peach and Mango)

11.  Spirit + Mind = Soul (Peach and watermelon)

12. Pineapple Scream (Pineapple)

13. Staw Barry (Strawberry)

14. Not Waiving Drowning (Mango, Sour lemon and spearmint)

15. Warphine (Banana Vanilla Cream)



Top 20 Best Selling Nirvana 1000g Pouches (Kilos)


1. Citrus OD

2. Frank the Tank

3. Punish Mint

4. WTF Alice

5. Ants in My Head (Lychee)

6. It's About to Get Weird

7. Smokin' Dead

8. Raspberried Alive

9. Spaceman Bill (Tropical fruit cocktail)

10. Bugly Fitch

11. Drunk Cowboys

12. Head Rush

13. Le Matrix (Lemon blend)

14. Not Now I'm Naked

15. Skull Control

16. Spirit Mind Soul

17. Weapons Grade Mint

18. Berry  Blast

19. Schnozzberries

20. White Boy Grape 


We're happy to answer any questions you may have about Nirvana Super Shisha or any of their flavors so please don't hesitate to contact us or leave comments below!

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  • Is Frog In a Blender available anywhere? It’s our favorite!

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