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The Best New Shisha Tobacco Flavors

The list is always growing, but here are the most recently released hookah shisha flavors. ...

Every year it's no surprise for us to receive new flavors. It seems like all the big players are always itching to launch something new and create some buzz in the industry. Here is a quick round up of some of the newest shisha mixes during our last trip around the sun.

New Shisha Flavors from Al Fakher

Al Fakher shisha tobacco logoAl Fakher shisha tobacco logo

Al Fakher continues to fine tune the all-time best hookah shisha flavors while creating new tastes for hookah enthusiasts. They've done it again, unsurprisingly, with their States of Taste lineup alongside a revamp of the classic Two Apple: Two Apples Bahraini.

The States of Taste bring you the sun touched citrus coasts to your bowls with their Florida Orange Creamsicle or the refreshing California Citrus Breeze. Take a trip to the rich orchards of the South with their Georgia Peach Pie flavor; it's not as simple as it sounds, with it's spiced peach, crisp apple, and notes of jasmine flower, balanced with vanilla, coconut, and plum.

The new Al Fakher Two Apples Bahraini is a fresh blend of red and green apple that is sweetened with black licorice and less of the anise flavor that's typically found in a traditional double apple shisha mix.

Pick up any of these flavors in 50g cartons, 250g jars, or 1kg tubs.

New Fumari Shisha Tobacco Flavors

Fumari shisha tobacco logoFumari shisha tobacco logo

These cool cats in Southern California have been trendsetters in their category for decades. Last year was no different with something totally new, and new twists on old classics.

  • Passionfruit SangriaSangria and passion fruit…sounds like a party!
  • Fakh' N MintThe long awaited return of the fruity and floral Fakhfakhina recently came in the form of a very mindful, pre-made mix that included a nice minty finish.

New Adalya Hookah Flavors

Adalya shisha tobacco logoAdalya shisha tobacco logo

We were a little late to the party but it seems like they brought in 15 new flavors while we were looking away for a few seconds. These guys already had a very solid line up and then added two new mixes to keep the conversation fresh going into 2022.

  • Jamacian VibesPear, strawberry, and mint.
  • Orange MintIt's oange...with the best way.
  • English LordMango with sour berries and sweet peach. 
  • HavanaSweet strawberry, tangy orange, and mint. 
  • BagdadiFruits and berries mixed with cooling mint. 

New Azure Shisha Flavors

Azure shisha tobacco logoAzure shisha tobacco logo

Azure has been on the scene for a few years now and they have been expanding their catalog every year.  These guys might have the busiest hookah lab in the industry.  Azure shisha mixes are coming in fast and furious, but more importantly so continue to feature the most unique flavor profiles available today.

  • Black TeaA lightly sweetened blend of the finest Asian black teas. 
  • Hokkaido MelonSweet melon with a slightly sout (in the best way) undertones.
  • Persian RoseA florial mix of pomegranate and a hint of a woodsy spice. 
  • Down UnderA bonzer blend of fresh blueberry, sweet kiwi, and icy mint. 
  • Lemon SageBright lemon balanaced with the earthy, herbal flavor of sage. 
  • Passion FruitDeliciously sweet and excellently balanced, tart passion fruit. 

Fantasia’s New Shisha Flavors

Fantasia shisha tobacco logoFantasia shisha tobacco logo

Fantasia hookah tobacco is known for their trendy flavor names and modern blends. If you don’t know them by now it’s time to jacked up on their extensive line of cocktail based, party flavors that made them famous. Just released: 

  • Iced Gum MintGum with mint, a hookah staple, that just got colder. 

“New”-ish, Rereleased Othmani Hookah Flavors

Othmani shisha tobacco logoOthmani shisha tobacco logo

Othmani technically didn’t release any “new” flavors but they did revamp their packaging, killed off about 50 flavors, and re-launched their six top sellers with enhanced formulas.

  • Marrakesh MintThe perfect combination of fresh, green mints. 
  • Zanzibar Double AppleThe traditional dubs your grandpa used to smoke. 
  • Izmir MelonFresh melons with a cool, menthol finish. 
  • Aegean SpiceA well through out blend of cardamon, vanilla, clove, saffron, honey, and more. 
  • Star of Al HamraTropical fruit with a bright, refreshing citrus tone. 
  • Turkish CoffeeRich, deep coffee complimented with carmel, chocolate, and other aromatic spices. 

New Zomo Shisha Flavors

Zomo shisha tobacco logoZomo shisha tobacco logo

The hookah kings of South America bring shisha tobacco to the next level. Their latest release upholds their reputation. 

  • Pink Lemon DropIf you made a 'lemon drop' cocktail with pink lemonade....BAM!