Arjay 1000 Nights Double Hookah

Arjary 1000 Nights Hookahs
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Arjay Double 1000 Nights Hookah

A classic Egyptian style hookah at a fraction of the price. The Double 1000 Nights is a 36" tall behemoth that is ready to shine (and stand) above the rest of the hookahs in your collection. These have a classy, traditional vibe and will make durable hookahs whether you're running a lounge/catering operation or just want to make a massive profit in your smoke shop. 

Double 1000 Nights Features

Each stem is made out of stainless steel with gold and copper accents and two ornamental bulbs. This hookah also features a stainless tray and downstem which means as long as you take care of it, you'll get years of use and not have to worry about flavor ghosting. The included hose is a wood-handled Mya hose and a classic brown-glazed Egyptian bowl sits atop this mighty beast.

Egyptian 1000 Nights Double Stats:

Height: 36"
Base: Silver Striped
Hose: Mya wood-handled
Bowl: Egyptian glazed

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