Hookah Retailer Essentials for Any and Every Hookah Shop

Having unique products in your store is important, but you can't neglect the staples that every hookah customer will be looking for. Here are some of the essentials...

Wholesale Hookah supplies






Hookah Charcoals - Quick Light and Natural Coals

Every hookah retailer, whether you carry just hookahs, just tobacco or both absolutely needs both quick light and natural hookah coals.  Here is why.  Regardless of the flavor, style of hookah or frequency of the user, every time someone smokes they need to use hookah charcoals.  It's just science!  There is no debate.  However there are 2 camps in the world of hookah coals and you must satisy both.  The good news is that hookah coals are not only the fastest selling hookah products, they are also the most profitable.  

Quick Lighting Coals

Most of the hookah market is made of casual smokers who want instant gratification.  These coals can light up with a simple lighter and are ready to use in about 2 minutes or less.  We are talking about "Millenials" with attention spans like fruit flies, so quick and easy is their primary objective.  These coals come in a box, usually with 10 rolls in side.  Your cost per roll on these coals can vary from $0.85 to up to $1.65 per roll.   Now these rolls will retail for $2.99 - $4.99 per roll (we have seen higher, but that is up to your and your local market).  That's over 300% mark-up.  Coals are usually sold in bundles 2 or 3 rolls at a time.  This is the easiest way to add $5-$10 of profit to each hookah related sale.   Warning! - There are cheap, off brand coals out there that have a horrible smell and barely work.  Avoid these or your customers will suffer!  We only offer higher quality instant light coals to avoid those nasty side effects.

We recommend these quick light options:


Natural Coconut Coals

If your hookah customers want the best experience, and are willing to wait just a few more minutes for a better smoke, then natural coals are the best way to go.  These coals are available in multiple sized boxes from small 16ct boxes as well as medium and large sizes with up to 120 coals per box.  Heavy hookah smokers want the best experience and these coals have virtually no odor, last longer and have better heat levels.  You have to have these if you want to  be a serious shop.  They come in mulitple sizes, and retailers can blow them all out.  The small and medium sizes are extrememly popular and have a great return.  Customers need a portable stove to light them or can use the stove in their kitchen.

We recommend these natural coals:

Hookah Hoses

Hookah hoses can make or break the entire smoking session. The air-flow, length, comfort, style and material are all part of the customers buying decision. Some hoses are designed for looks, others are purely function.  The best have both, but your customer will have their own objectives and budget when shopping so you need to have a few options available.  Here are some of the best hoses, that cover all the bases.

Here are  some bowls at the cutting edge of hookah tech as well as hookah aesthetic:

  • Starbuzz Maximus Hose - This hose, shown above in pink is over 7 feet long.  The interior tubing is 1" in diameter so you get amazing air-flow and the hose is 100% washable.
  • D-Hose 2.0 Hybrid -  As silicone hookah hoses become the new standard for high quality hoses, The D-Hose, seen above in red and black, adds an aluminum handle with a soft silicone grip.
  • Nu Hose - Function trumps all other features and the NuHose has it in spades.  Expect the best possible airflow, without all the bells and whistles and offer your customers great smoke for under $10.  
  • Nammor Hose - Nammor hoses come in a varitey of sizes and styles.  Seen above with the XL wrapped handle, Nammor hoses were the 1st washable hose on the market and have become the industry benchmark.
  • Mya Silicone Hose - Mya's Silicone hose has the flexibility and washability that customers are looking for, and they expanded the gauge of the hose, so the air-flow is unmatched! The anodized aluminum handle feels solid and high quality in your hand

Hookah Bowls

Sounds like a no brainer, but seriously you need to have not only a few extra generic bowls, you need to have some options.  Hookah smokers like to customize their hookah and upgrade their hookah technology.  Hookah bowls are an affordable way to do both!  Building a bowl collection is a point of pride and gives smokers options about bowl size, cloud output and longevity of the session.  You need some of the basics for that guy who just needs any bowl to get smoking, but having some bowls that are like art pieces will make your shop stand out as a true hookah destination.  

Here are  some bowls at the cutting edge of hookah tech as well as hookah aesthetic:

Hookah Accessories -  Grommets, Foils, Diffusers



This is where things get more diverse, but these low dollar items have the highest profit margins.  These are the ancillary add ons that pad your bottom line at the end of the day.  These Items are pretty self explanitory so here is a quick list of what we know to be the best sellers and highest returns.

Grommet Sets

These pesky little rubber pieces always seem to disappear.  They only cost a few cents each and retail for a $1 or $2 each...Cha-Ching!  Without grommets, air leaks can ruin a session and frustate users to the point they quit smoking and buy shisha for that matter.  Always ask your customers is they need some fresh grommets.  I bet you sell them 75% of the time or more!

Hookah diffusers

This simple device makes the hookah smoke smoother and will silence the loud rumbling of the bubbles.  It's essential for better smoke or for smoking hookah while sitting through that Star Wars or Game of Thrones marathon!

Hookah Screens and Foils

Just like coals, these products are used with every bowl and customers will burn through them or lose them regularly.  This is a non negotiable must have and they take up such a miniscule amount of space, you are losing money without them.